2007: Satellite Communications Trailer: Using a Motosat XF3 self aiming dish and an iDirect 3000 as the center platform, I worked with MA-TF 1 to build a communications trailer capable of supporting Urban Search & Rescue operations in an environment with no infrastructure. Using a satellite based internet connection as a conduit for IP based communications, the trailer provides data access at greater than T1 speads, 4 telephone lines integrated with our Operation Center PBX, 2 Radio over IP channels, and streaming video that can be remotely controlled. The trailer integrates seamlessly with our Mobile Command Post, providing internet connectivity as well as additional telephone lines. I presented our work with satellite communications for US&R at the 2007 SATCON Expo in New York.

A virtual tour of the project can be seen at the MA-TF 1 website.

2006: Online GPS Data Mapping Toolkit

Project Goal: Using the Google(tm) Maps API, develop a website where individuals can submit files containing GPS waypoints and tracks, and have those waypoints and tracks be displayed online in a web based Google(tm) Map. Processed data can also be downloaded for viewing in Google Earth(tm).

Suggested use : Rapid, Collaborative tracking of large area search and rescue coverage.

Use Mapping Toolkit Here

Google(tm) Maps API Agreement requires non-commercial use only.

2006:”Free Range Network”

Project Goal: Using commercial off-the-shelf-components, develop a preconfigured, person-portable system for providing instantaneous network interoperability to support collaboration and centralized file and print management. Literally power-on and connect PC’s through ethernet or WiFi. Initial PC or laptop connection requires 1 time execution of a 10 second setup program with an auto-run CD.

2005: “Adaptable Network “

Project Goal: Using commercial off-the-shelf components, develop a vehicle transportable system that will provide intranet and internet access for multiple PC’s in an environment where no infrastructure exists. Intranet capability must support all transport means, while Internet access can be provided through any available external means (Satellite, Cellular, Terrestrial, etc…). Plug and Play - No IT configuration required at time of use, allowing system use by non-technical personnel.